A Gift of Chocolate

From Chapter 8 of TMOF

At the ball, a relaxed Elsa is introduced as the Queen of Arendelle. Princess Anna is then announced as she humbly waits to be invited to the elevated platform. After some encouragement by the announcer, Anna steps onto the platform and stands next to Elsa. It is clear by Anna’s hesitation, that the two sisters don’t understand each other. Elsa keeps her distance due to her secret ice powers, and Anna misunderstands the reason behind Elsa’s secrecy. Yet, they both love chocolate.

A scent of chocolate breaks the ice between Elsa and Anna. This is the first time, since they were children, that they’ve bonded. They both enjoy the smell of chocolate, a worldly pleasure, yet also a gift from God. This scent represents the celebration as a whole. It is a gift in this reborn world, three years after the death of their parents. The promise of peace on earth is realized with worldly prosperity, good when accepted as a gift from God.

As long as we live in this world, we will never understand each other. No two men will ever agree about anything. In heaven, we will know everything. It is difficult to love someone we don’t understand. The same is true of Anna and Elsa. Yet, there are comforts created by God, reminding us that we are brothers and sisters. These comforts bring joy and peace, helping us to forget misunderstandings.

Despite the evil in this world, everything God created is good. Solomon compares the comfort of God to a grove of flowers. Although the grove of flowers is pleasing to the flesh, it is created from God’s love. The same is true of chocolate. The scent of fresh baked chocolate filled the ballroom, making Anna and Elsa forget their differences, and simply love each other. The true meaning of chocolate is that it represents the fulfillment of the peace on earth and good will toward men announced by the angels to the shepherds on the day Christ was born.

Image is ©Disney, source http://frozen.disney.com/gallery