The Hope of Heaven

Chapter 10 of TMOF explains how Olaf represents Christ. Olaf’s scene about hope for summer represents Christ’s hope for heaven.

A full description of the 2 minute scene is here. These are just a few of the details about Olaf’s summer scene:

  • The cloud in the blue sky is shaped like Olaf. This represents Christ placing his heart in heaven.
  • Olaf holds a glass of red juice with ice shaped liked himself. The glass is the cup of Christ. The Olaf-shaped ice immersed in red juice represents Christ’s decent into hell.
  • The beach represents hell.
  • The first seagull that greets Olaf represents Abraham.
  • Olaf visits four sandmen on the beach. They represent Adam, Eve, John the Baptist, and King Solomon.
  • Olaf bathing with the snowball-man represents the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist.

Video clip is ©Disney.